Thursday, August 31, 2006

Love Thursday.

According to Chookooloonks (whose blog I just discovered this week and LOVE), today is Love Thursday.

This picture is my Love Thursday picture:

we love bluegrass!
Originally uploaded by Rosalicious.

The obvious, yes: A shirtless Kevin. Love him.

The flickr title, of course: bluegrass music. Tons of it that day. Love it.

But the other elements of love in this picture.....warm sunshine and a happy beer buzz, the shirt Kev had on that said "Summertime Fun", the gorgeous San Juan Mountains in the background, the laid-back festival vibe, good friends, and not a care in the world for 4 straight days.....

This picture reminds me how much I love my life.

Tuesday, August 29, 2006


I just cried for like the 5th time today. I'm having a rough one. Not just Katrina, but mostly.

(Actually I just laughed the guy who went up to Dick Cheney in Mississippi and told him to go fuck himself. AWESOME.)

Yeah, I'm watching Spike Lee's documentary as I write this. You should be too. Especially those of you who support Bush and his fucked up administration. You need to see this. You need to see what a fucking imbicile runs our country. How. HOW. HOWWWWW the motherfucking HELL can ANYONE think that our President is doing a good job after what happened during/after Katrina? Pitiful. Unacceptable. Whatever words are stronger than that.

This is gut-heart-soul- wrenching. I am pretty horrified with myself too that I didn't pay more homage to it last September (if you want to read what I wrote right after the hurricane hit- go hit the archives. I'm too lazy to link. I wrote about the animals. Which still makes me feel sad.)

But not as sad as I feel right at this very second. This is absolutely despicable. Embarrassing that THIS HAPPENED IN OUR COUNTRY. I need to see this as much as the Bush supporter. We all do. It's too easy to forget or sweep it under the rug as ancient history when you're not the one down there experiencing it. We're in dry Colorado. What happens here?

Put yourself there. Imagine yourself in it. Filth and stench and long lines to wait in and darkness and fear and thirst and hunger and panic and chaos and the complete and utter stress and unknowing. Women walking around having their periods on themselves and people shitting their pants. Think about that! Be in that situation! Because our President couldn't pull it together, because his administration simply didn't care, because they were completely incompetent.

It's not about placing blame just for the sake of placing blame because it's easy. It's bigger than that. The roots are deeper. It's not a political issue. Ok, it is. The way Bush dealt with this was a direct correlation to his ability to run a country - which is nil. Republican, democrat, whatever, you should not be fucking shopping for shoes or fly fishing or vacationing while a city goes down. It is straight up arrogance and then you wonder if it is a just full-on lack of caring. The people who elected this prez and the rest of them as it trickles down should be ashamed.

Well, Kevin just got home and I am going to share these thoughts with him. Lucky Kev, right?

But I hope you're watching. And I hope it's affecting you as much as it is me.

Monday, August 28, 2006

This is an easy one!

Name 3 bands who, should you find them in a potential love-interest's collection, would probably be deal-breakers.....

Mine would be:

- Toby Keith
- Jessica Simpson
- Marilyn Manson or any other death-metal

("Stolen" from Willotoons. Thought I'd share the fun :)

Lurkers, I'm looking @ you!


I didn't want you all to have to start your Mondays with the gawdawful blogger-sucks bitchfest below, so instead, I picked for you the cutest thing I could find.

Mama's baby girl as a wee lil' muffin eater!

puppy love
Originally uploaded by Rosalicious.

(I know. I know. I should be shot in the rump with a big dose of testosterone to take my squeals of baby-talk down a notch.)

Saturday night, under the influence of a great deal of Shiraz, I was chatting with a girl I just met about crazy dog owners - um, kind of like the ones whose house we were at. They have a yellow lab with thom they are obsessed. She's a sweet dog, but very labby and very bratty with her toys and does not share with my little punkin'. Anyway...I declared loudly (according to Kevin, everyone heard): WE ARE NOT LIKE THEM, WE ARE NOT CRAZY DOG OWNERS, OH NO. WE ARE NOT OBSESSED WITH OUR DOG. WE DO NOT SPOIL OUR DOG.

(And right then, Lucy puked up her dinner in the backyard and I immediately started fretting about and patting her "hurt wittle tummy" then cleaning it up before the other dog came over and ate it all up.)

Quite clearly, my head was not on straight because YES. YES WE DO SPOIL OUR DOG AND WE ARE FAR WORSE THAN ANY DOG OWNER I KNOW.

So here I am to say that I take it all back. We are in fact the most indulgent, self-absorbed dog owners in town.

And there is absofuckinglutely nothing wrong with that.

Happy Monday!

Friday, August 25, 2006

Taken anything yummy to a picnic lately?


OhmyGOD. Fucking Blogger. Can you BE any slower? Uggggg. I am so over this fucking shit! Someone help - HOW do I put my blog someplace better? Do they all have issues like this? Dude, I'm being taken advantage of for being an e-tard. Just because something is free doesn't mean it has to suck, though. I can't sit for 20 minutes while a page loads. It drivvvveeessss me fucking CRAZY! AHHAHHAHHhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!!!!!!!! Blogger you are some serious suckage right now. Bitchmoanbitchmoan. Wahhhhh.If I could, I would stamp my feet and yell that I hated you, but I don't want you to get mad and lose my stuff. You are driving me FUCKING BATSHIT UP THE WALL!!!! Get your shit together! Get me out of here!!!!!!

(Obviously I will never become a Blogger "blog of note" with this attitude.)

Blogger bitching aside - my blog definitely needs some prettying up. Also, the more "slick and professional and hiply-designed" blogs get more play. People come here and think -oh, it's a BLOGGER TEMPLATE... LATER. Which annoys me to some degree, since I visit of these said "awesome looking" blogs that everyone links to and read them and their 131 comments and am like "what the fuck?" Devoid of anything remotely entertaining. Just a bunch of stupid people leaving vapid comments so they'll get hits. Blogland High....

But still. I want a goddamn pretty blog. And I want it to be fucking FAST and I want to be able to post whenever I fucking want to, damnnit.

(The PMS. Apparently it just spoke.)


Alrighty then, before we were so rudely interrupted by the P-MonSter and Blogger's completely sucky performance, I was going to lament my lack of a potluck/cookout go-to dish.

Everytime I am faced with a cookout (either my own or someone else's) I become mildly stressed over what to bring. One of my main worries is that someone else will have already made it. Case in point: last weekend I showed up with homemade pico de gallo and homemade guacamole. What else was also there? Oh, let's see....some store-bought 7-layer dip, more salsa, some mango salsa, and about 37 bags of tortilla chips. I know my choice was probably rather picnic-cliche, but I just really wanted some fucking guacamole.

Now, for tomorrow's BBQ I already have what I am making picked out. But it wasn't without frantically searching Whole Foods and Epicurious for that unique, no-one-else-will-make-this perfect something. And I sure as hell AM NOT the type to pull in to a Safeway and grab a bag of chips or that gross yellow potato salad. No way, Jose. I MAKE. Trust me, you want me at your cookout.

So people. What do you guys bring to cookouts? What's your special go-to picnic dish?

Thursday, August 24, 2006

Trust me, what I'm really trying to say here is that this place rocks!

Last night, for the first night in say, MONTHS, Kevin and I had a free night together with nothing on our plates.

Conjuring up my best princess voice, I whined why don't you take me out for dinner, baby? I saw this little restaurant up the street that looks adorable. It's french, I think. It looks so cute.

We put on crisp khakis and a flowing white skirt and walked up the hill towards dinner. And just like that, our plates were about to be filled with the most delicious food I've eaten in a long long time.

Now, if you'll excuse this obnoxious bit of self-promotion for a second, we're pretty hip to the Denver restaurant scene. I devour restaurant reviews. I keep a running list of new places to try. I won't pay my Xcel Energy bill, but I'll drop $100 on a bunch of tapas and mojitos at a place like Zengo. Some people buy designer jeans, we buy designer food. We love eating out.

But even I hadn't really paid much attention to the place we were walking to, Z Cuisine. Hey, I just thought it looked quaint. Cuteness goes a long way in my world. Plus, it's close. In the 'hood. We'd never been there either.

I really don't know the proper transition here because I certainly didn't set out to write something food-reviewish. But, YUM????? How's that for starters? We immediately ordered up a bottle of wine - certainly not an expensive one - but a nice French red for $21. Gold stars always for unpretentious quality wine.

Unpretentious being the transition into this paragraph. For the most part, we aren't pretentious eaters. We don't purport to know a lot about food and wine, just that we like what we like and hate what we don't. We enjoy getting waited on by friendly people, nice ambiance, and good bread.

Plus I'm crazy about all things french. Well, maybe not Madame Shifflett, my 11th grade french teacher. I wasn't crazy about her. And my mother's ex-boyfriend, who is french, was kinda weird. Not so crazy about him either.

But the land, the wine, the cheese, the food. The french mentality - yes, I love it. Fuck what everyone says about french rudeness. Try walking into your local Burger King. And while I'm going there, fast food. Gross. George Bush. No wonder they raise their large french schnozzes at us.


Right! The food! French food can be intimidating. The menu at Z Cuisine is written on a chalkboard. Mostly in french. I was scared for about one second until I saw what my neighbors ordered. I'll have that, s'il vous plait. Kevin had a very creamy, very buttery, very fattening soup and a quiche that tasted nothing of eggs. I had a salad. With house-made chevre melted on toast and pine nuts. Oh dear lord. A foogasm in the making.

Over our meals we twittered of post-modernism and shared our knowledge of grapes and glass. Kevin's Dad's dog Emma died. Conversation fueled by wine takes unexpected turns sometimes.

Anyway (redux).

I do believe it's probably time to wrap this mess of a post up.

I highly recommend you all get your high-fallutin' bootays over to Z Cuisine, then leave those high-fallutin' bootays outside on the curb, because you won't be needing them inside.

And be sure to take that hott someone who makes you very horny. Because as they say, there's just something about a romantic little French bistro.

Tuesday, August 22, 2006


Did y'all know that something like this exists in Denver?

The guy has a blog too. I won't go into how I found it, but suffice it to say THE WEB really is A WEB.

(Hey, no one ever said I always had the most profound things to say.)

* * *

In other exciting news, guess where I'm going?

That's right! To celebrate with my lady friends the fact that, at 30, we have flawless skin, youthful features, and can still probably drink all y'all under the mother 'effing table!

Being 30 rocks and just keeps on rocking.

* * *

My little sister started MIDDLE SCHOOL yesterday. My heart felt kind of hurty and anxious for her. I heard the apprehension in her voice about not knowing anyone and it was simultaneously adorable and frightening. I was such a shy little girl at her age, so meek and small and inadequate. I think Sophie is a lot different than I was, but hurty heart for was there. Resurrected.

I told Kev this morning that I probably wouldn't be able to bear dropping my kid off for their first day of school - seeing that heart-breaking bit of fear and nervousness would be too painful for me, since I remember those feeling of my own at that age.

And his response?

Oh my god! I LOVED school! That just meant more kids to play with! I was so excited when school started!

(This from a catholic school boy who went to school all 12 years with the same guys who all lived in the same neighborhood.)

Regardless, typical Kevin. Today is HIS first day of school. He's all cute - getting his school supplies ready and his schedule figured out and preparing to go in to his classes and make lots of new! buddies!

Nah, not really. He's at home right now fixing my bike. But it's a precious thought, isn't it?

Monday, August 21, 2006



(Bummed Out It's Monday)

BUT. There is a bright spot! Today is my dear friend Sara's 30th birthday! Not only did we celebrate it over the weekend with a boat outing on Lake Dillon, but I got to check something off my summertime list of things to do! Woohhoooo!

It was a lovely day up there (rained in Denver) and we brought enough provisions (booze, snacks, booze, yeah I guess there was some booze) with us on the boat to last a week.

lake dillon
Originally uploaded by Rosalicious.

After boating, we partied on - and there was cake. This wee one is just like his mama, who on her 21st I seem to recall diving head-first into her bday cake....wearing a sticker I bought her that said "Shut Up and Dance." We were all renting a house that week in Nags Head NC. So much fun! Ah...well, despite kids and marriage and the big 3-0....we still rage.

somebody loves cake
Originally uploaded by Rosalicious.

The kiddies went home to go night-night and we went out. The Moosejaw. Burgers. Shots. We ain't dainty ladies.

Originally uploaded by Rosalicious.

You know the drill, there's more where these came from....

Happy birthday Sara, you lookin' mighty fine for 30 girl! ;-)

Thursday, August 17, 2006

Identity crisis.

Do those of you who blog ever surf the blogosphere and come away infinitely depressed? So it is with me at the moment as I've spent the last hour or so strictly reading gardening blogs.

Now, there is nothing wrong with gardening blogs. In fact, the ones I read rocked my little green-thumbed world! I have no major beef (I'm not even going there...this is serious time, y'all) with gardening blogs or, for that matter, craft blogs or sex blogs or political blogs or mommyblogs or fashion blogs or blogs about people's fitness and diet routines.

It's ME I have the beef with; who the hell is rosalicious?

Let me rephrase that:

What the fuck is this blog about?

People ask me that. All the time. Oh, I just write shit about me. Like a diary, they ask? Um, no, not really. Which is the truth - nobody who reads rosalicious is even remotely privvy to anything diary-worthy.

I'm guess I'm kinda feeling a little bummed and insecure right now. Do I need a niche? Will it make my blog better? Does it matter? What's in it for me? Anything? God who chills up in heaven, is this blog even any good?


(To some of you, probably. But I am not here to please. And wow, just like that, I answered my question!)

There is a blog for fucking EVERYTHING. And here I dance on the sidelines of all of them - I sew, I garden, I run, I've been known to cook up some good shit, I can get naughty in the sack with the best of them, I'm die-hard pro-choice, I also love owning a dog, bad fashion is good fodder for me too, I can spel reall gud....

Blogger of many, master of none. Well, that's me. And people don't like things that can't be defined. I can't be defined. I don't fit in. I feel so woefully inadequate at the moment. Woe is me, full of woe. My blog is in crisis. It thinks it needs a dirty vodka martini with extra olives to drown its sorrows in.

(And no, contrary to popular belief, it doesn't want to be a drinking blog. But thanks for the suggestion.)

Wednesday, August 16, 2006

No shame here (and I mean that!)

Don't get me wrong. I mean, I totally still love me some Perez Hilton, but this site is pure awesomeness!

Finally, something we liberal celebrity gossip-mongers can feel good about! Hells to the big fat yeah!

Go check it out, my fellow greens!

And the It's A Wristlet World swap is now closed.

Hey y'all....

Go look at all this awesome craftiness!

I'm so proud, yet so humbled.

Sheesh. My own craftiness pales in comparison to some of these ladies! But I am definitely inspired to start MAKING again. Yay!

Maybe I should start a "neck pilla"** swap? ;-)

**My mother has an herb business and I would sew these neck pillows (aka "buckies") for her and she would stuff them with herbs and buckwheat hulls. My mom is a little southern and calls them "neck pillas." If you are my friend, I probably gave you one for Christmas some year! haha.

Tuesday, August 15, 2006


itunes party shuffle
(that's pretty much it....letting something else make the musical decisions for me.)

energy vitamin water
pinot grigio
Skinny Dip

cherry tomatoes and fresh mozzarella w/basil
salads with tempeh
um, more salads...
muenster cheese!

the daily show
the office
(what am I, a guy?)

magazines (Utne, O)
The Most Beautiful Girl in the World by Judy Doenges
shit for work

hair care products
wine at the best wine store ever!

trip to LA over Labor Day (the word "labor" is significant as to why i'm going!)
girl trip to MEXICO in October for our 30ths!!
(yes, I get TWO 30th bday trips. I'm a brat.)

kev and his big......SMILE! 3 more hours and counting! REUNITED and it feels so good....
also: biceps and buttocks. as in, mine are really sore!

Monday, August 14, 2006

While the cat's away....

Rosalicious will play!

Delicious guac @ LoLa - complete with birthday wishes for Sara!

LoLa is yummy...

Yep. Still getting carded.
(And looking kinda freaky, to boot)

(But not as freaky as the girl in the bottom left corner)

Yes, I do believe they are rocking out to Journey.

More pictures of Girls' Night Out here....

Friday, August 11, 2006

A warm fuzzy (wristlet).

Remember when I signed up for some international craftiness?

Ladies and the 3 or 4 gentleman who read rosalicious....

Straight from the lovely and talented Veronica to rosalicious' American doorstep...

My wristlet! I love it!*

my wristlet from verito!
Originally uploaded by Rosalicious.

Isn't it so unique and beautiful? It's made of felted wool and it's my favorite color.....VERDE!

wristlet being modeled
Originally uploaded by Rosalicious.

And the treats! It's like Chilean Christmas in August!

chilean bounty
Originally uploaded by Rosalicious.

Here is Verito's note:

Tu wristlet es verde por la naturaleza arroyadora del sur de Chile, de material noble, la lana de nuestras orejas trabajado con carino en el fieltro y el diseno esta inspirado en la culturas del norte de Chile.

Hmm. I need a translator. I can't quite figure out "the wool of our ears" part....

But whatever. Spanish schmanish. I love it.

This was an awsome project - connecting women all over the world through art. I love it!

(OK, can I say I LOVE IT just one more time?)


Stay tuned to AfricanKelli for a peek at what yours truly crafted up!

*Verito- A big e-hug for my goodies....thank you!!! xoxoxo

Wednesday, August 09, 2006


Goldenfiddle is funny today. Go check it out. Make sure you read Matthew McConaughey's part in that Texas drawl.

(Ha! Are you back? I KNEW you'd go check it out right away. Funny wasn't it? MM makes me lick my chops! Yuuuuummm.)

Anyways. I am really busy @ work.

Just thought you should know that. You know, since it seems like it's kind of a rarity and all.

I also just got suckered into trying some facial products for the next 5 days. I agreed because I thought they were going to be free - and hey! free products!- but it turns out that I have to try the line, THEN RETURN IT and buy a fresh new set if I'm interested. I've always been skeptical of products of the sell-from-home variety*....Mary Kay, Avon, Body Shop, purses, candles, yadayadayada. It's the cheesin' schpiel that always gets to me: Our new product line is, ohmigod, to die for, you will never find an eyeliner/firming cream/scent/smell/plasticpolymerbowl like it. And how's about I throw in this wooden sailboat? I tend to get all pressured and guiltyfeeling and whatnot.

But then damn if a few cocktails don't usually open up the old heart-n-wallet.


Oh, and one more thing in this post of absolutely no cohesion:

I am super excited about this upcoming development in my 'hood. One less thing to stand in the way of rosalush and her downtown escapades!

*Don't worry y'all, I'm still all over the upcoming Denver Blogger Tupperware Party, oh yes I am.

Monday, August 07, 2006

I can't help it. I really can't.

Dudes. Let it be known that I am NOT ashamed of what you're about to see. As one of my fellow Capricorns once said (circa 3 posts ago): to some it's OCD, to others it's heaven.

Well, here are my ideas of heaven.

This built-in just about gave me a hard on with all its possibilities. Yes, the books are organized by category....fiction, poetry, outdoors, self-help, natural health, etc. No, they aren't alphabetized. But believe me, I considered it.

(Also heaven: Mama's little Lusnickers! Look at that 'wil face! Doesn't she just make yer heart melt?)

This is where we will use our brains and pay our bills. For the record, I will never ever use labels on my modes of organization. Unless you're a kindergartener, I think labels on things are tacky. I know precisely what's in each basket and box.

What every good hostess needs: a nicely organized liquor cabinet. It's looking a little sparse. Clearly, we are in need of a housewarming party.

Ah, the mack-daddy of them all, my closet. I like my closets like I like my men: clean, full of goodness, and BIG. Heehee.

So. When are you coming over? After color-coordinating my wardrobe, we'll hit the liquor cabinet and alphabetize my books! Come on, this has to sound fun to someone!

(Yeah. That someone would be me.)

Something about management that sucks.

I know I shouldn't write about this, seeing as there a few folks from work who read me, and anyway, isn't one of the cardinal sins of blogging writing about work?

But sometimes, you just gotta vent.

And so it is now, in the vaguest terms possible, of course :)

I spend wayyyyy too much fucking time editing and revising and fixing and making things right INSTEAD OF planning, creating, imagining, brainstorming, implementing, and otherwise guiding my program to greater avenues of success.

I don't know what to do. I make the same edits OVER and OVER and OVER and I don't even think they get read. The same mistakes are made EVERY TIME and EVERY TIME I have to sit down and basically re-do the whole document. For example: You can't send something out with the same word used 4 times in one paragraph. If you were constantly getting projects returned with this very mistake, wouldn't you be more conscientious of it the next time? Yeah, you would think.

This is a major timekill. It's to the point where I should just do all the writing myself since it seems like that's what is expected I will do anyway. With me having to re-do everything, it ends up being double the time that is spent on one project.

So....regarding the title above, the thing about management that sucks is that ultimately it's MY problem. If a crappy letter goes out, it's on me, not the person who wrote it.

Yeah, yeah welcome to corporate America and all that, blah, whatever.

Sunday, August 06, 2006

Due to the recent spending, dinner will be noodles this week.

Good morning and hallelujah!

(Thought I would throw that in since it's Sunday and all.)

Real quick - while we're on the subject of the hallelujahs, I have this gorgeous handcrafted Mexican cross - it's made of iron and is adorned with lovely's pretty. I hung it in the small entry way to our new place so it's the first thing you see when entering casa de Rose and Kev. I feel kinda funny about it - I am not religious at all, not in that sense anyway. Will people think "bible thumpers" when they see it? I'm paranoid. Just like my mosaic table.....I meant to do a swirling sun design and once I finished, all I could see was "swastika." Symbols speak volumes, you know. And neither symbol I identify with in the least! Arg.

I finished my wristlet(s)last night! SO cute....I can't post a picture until Kelli gets it, because I don't want to spoil the surprise....but of course I'm dying to. There is another rosalicious craft special coming too ;-) I love this blog/craft exchanging shit! Weeee! I'm ready for my next project porfavor.

I just talked to Kevin for the last time for the next 6 days. I felt really lonely on Friday and a little yesterday, it's strange. It's a feeling I haven't felt in so long....I think it's a good feeling to experience though. Of course, it's gone now, as I am into my own rhythm and doing my thing. It's awesome just to be alone with my own thoughts and plan my day according to what I want to do. I guess this isn't that weird- as Kevin works a lot of weekends...but it's rare I have a ME NIGHT with sewing and wine and TLC shows.

I was putting stuff away yesterday and came across a journal that Kevin kept while doing AmeriCorps 8 years ago. Hey- it was in with the books- fair game, right? My old journals are out and about....but I couldn't PUSH them on Kev- he's so not interested. Anyway, before you get all bunged up over me reading my man's diary.....keep in mind I only read a smidge (well, all he wrote was a smidge)! I was so moved by it. He wrote so eloquently and deeply and WELL! It was so Muir-esque, but not in a way that he was trying to copy that style - I could tell it was natural and had smatterings of Kev's sense of humor here and there. He also wrote about this girl he was interested in at the time, of which I devoured every word (ha ha). Good insight. He wrote "It won't work out, she watches a lot of TV....." Ah yes, that's my Kevin! I wish he wrote more...I know I love that Kevin mind, but I wish I could read it via written word. I love the written word.

(I'm trying not to feel guilty for telling you all that, but I had to tell someone.)

Anyway....lest I subject you to a major snoozefest with my ruminations about how much I love my boyfriend (who wants to hear that?) is time to get on with my day.

Buh-bye now......


I'm back.

Lucy and I just went for our first run in the new 'hood. Actually - seeing as its the Platte River Trail, it's everyone else's hood too. It was awesome. I am glad to be near the river.

We also had another 'hood first. I let Lu off her leash for one little second for a quick dip in the river and not 10 minutes later we are getting a $50 ticket from the animal po-po. This was NOT awesome. I tried the ol "my boyfriend works for the USFS and writes tickets for dogs off leash all the time" trick - you know, to connect with the law. Ha. Then I tried "well, I just moved to the area and I saw all the other doggies swimming so I just thought it was OK....." This was actually true, I did think this. But it too failed. As I was running away, the cop said "make sure you tell your boyfriend what happened here!"

Ha. Jerk. AND? He put for my height and weight 5'6" and 145. AS IF! I think I might be able to get out of it, though. He didn't check the box as to what the ticket was for.

Um, I also just totally bought a table and chairs from You people who live in Ikea towns? Count your mother fucking blessings! I paid TWICE the cost of the table and chairs just for shipping! MEOWCH! Oh well, I just spent 3 hours looking locally for something exact, and not one place had just what I wanted except....IKEA! I'd rather fork over the cash for something perfect than waste my time running around town. At least I hope it's perfect....the shipping cost makes me want to cry and curse a little.

Ah, the risks we consumers take. Especially when our boyfriends are not around to tell us that no, we do not need new dining room furniture whatthefuckareyouthinking?

Friday, August 04, 2006

My Friday Night.

I took a much-needed mental health day today. I had all these expectations of doing some nurturing and care of my weary self and spirit...but ahhhhhh. Not so much.

We went to see Manu Chao last night at the Fillmore with Shar and Alex. I was NOT expecting the crowd - wow. So many people! I absolutely LOVE Manu and to my knowledge, this is the first time he's played anywhere I've lived. He is a small guy with huge energy....the whole show I kept trying to categorize the beat, obvs. Global hippie? Some reggae and punk in there for sure. We danced like mad and drank vodka. There was a lot of sweat involved.

Kevin left today for 10 days to go hike some AT. (That's Appalachian Trail to you non-outdoorsy folk.) I felt a little sad dropping him off at the airport (another reason work got the big dis today)....but breaks are good! Making the heart fonder and all that. So helllllllooooooo, I am a free woman! Hear me rrrrrraaaaaaaarhhhhhhrrrrr!

Heh. Not really. But it is good, as I said. ME TIME.

(Drinking wine right now. And this entry isn't even the least bit funny.)

I am sooooooo tired. I didn't rest and contemplate and read and yoga today. I worked around here, as there is still so much to put away and do. I am not a good sitterarounder - if there is shit to be done, I am on it.

We got cable today. (Work dis reason #3). TV and internet. We have so many channels I don't even know where to start! Neither of us are TV people but it was actually cheaper to get all the movies and whatnot. I am so electronically uninclined....the fucking remote is freaking me out with all its crap. And the internet. Well, yes. Here we are. It's cable and it's fast. Our last internet was wireless so the whole having-a-wire deal bites right now.

Well, that's all I got. Sorry. Lame. Goodnight.

Wednesday, August 02, 2006

Why the hell doesn't Denver have an Ikea yet?

About forty-eight hours ago, a friend remarked how fun setting up a new house was. I basically flicked her off and returned to my grunting, sweating, and scrubbing. Fun. Right.

Well! I've since given her a big kiss and invited her over for martinis. It is fun! I had forgotten!

I've always put a lot of effort and thought into the places I've lived. Even as a wee one I was always rearranging my bedroom and setting my knick-knacks on dressers and shelves just so. And so it is now, me being obsessed with object placement and color coordination. Poor Kevin, he doesn't even try. He knows I'll put it my way sooner or later because I am and always will be the QUEEN OF OUR DOMAIN!

Today I reacquainted myself with one of the highlights of setting up house: NEW STUFF. Fresh sponges, clean rugs, drawer organizers, new hangers, paper towel holders, toilet scrubbers, sink caddies, doormats.......does anyone else get off on this shit or is it just me? Tarjay, me loves you long time!

A drawback, if truly there is one to this orgy of domestic consumption, is that I'm spending money on stuff to accommodate a RENTAL. I did it in the last house, and I'm doing it again now. The bed pillows don't match the bedroom curtains that were already there? They're outtie! The old kitchen rug doesn't go in the new kitchen? Trash it! Chair doesn't fit in that corner? Goodwill! Fan looks grungy next to newly painted crisp white walls? To the curb!

And so on.

Granted, not everyone cares about dishtowels and shower curtains, but I do. I know I'll only be in this place a year, but for 365 days I am damn sure going to relish my delightfully organized and arranged household.

And then do it all over again.

Tuesday, August 01, 2006

A show I saw, plus: the reason I have a huge bruise on my leg.

Well, let's put it this way: you definitely didn't hear it here first. The Lips/Ween show kicked ass and if you're one of the multitude of Colorado bloggers who were in attendance, you already knew that.

However, if you're someone just stopping by for a quick peek into my humble little life...then here you go: THE FLAMING LIPS AND WEEN SHOW KICKED ASS!

Behold! There is flickrfiable evidence!

(And there's more where these came from.)

I've always said, never date a man who doesn't dance:

you drive me crazy with that boogie oogie oogie oogie oogie
Originally uploaded by Rosalicious.

These green balloons were a great source of herbal-induced delight:

happy colored marbles that are rolling in our heads
Originally uploaded by Rosalicious.

He's definitely no Juan, but he still rules:

waving my dick in the wind
Originally uploaded by Rosalicious.

(Crikey! My titles are competing with the flickr titles! Which is wittier? Ween lyrics or rosalicious commentary? Crikey!)

One other thing that was also kinda special about the show was that we ran into this girl -Jules- who came with us the last time Ween played Red Rocks back in 2002. She met the guy who is now her husband at that show.....and we hadn't seen her since! It was truly a weenderful coincidence (Here it is that I dodge imaginary hurled food stuffs.)

Whew. Alrighty then. The Ween recap is out of the way. Now I can get on with why I really came on to post today:

We moved! It sucked! Holy hell. Moving is so hard. It never used to be this hard. Do I just have more shit now than I used to? Am I not as young and spry? A combo? I am battered and bruised and sore. Did I mention bruised? And last night I went to bed reeking of Clorox.

So, I'd invite y'all over to check out our new digs, but since the joint is in complete and utter disarray, I think we'd best wait until Everything Is Perfect. Is that OK with everyone?

Teerrrrrific. I knew you'd understand. Now if you'll excuse me, I need to get back to the work I haven't been doing due to the THREE HOURS it took me to post this.....if Blogger were a car in traffic, I'd be the one riding its ass and laying on the horn.