Friday, May 13, 2005

The going-away bow.

What's your secret work talent?

I am the resident gift-wrapper. Particularly for a recent influx of going-away presents.

I must admit, I make fabulous bows.

The last time I made a really kick ass bow--all loops and tails and curly-Qs-- for one lucky former employee's going- away present, it was recycled a mere two weeks later for yet another employee who quit.

Everyone noticed that alas, it was the same bow that had earlier graced the former employee's gift.

I suggested it be tossed, like a bridal bouquet. Whoever catches the going-away bow is the next to leave.

Guess who caught it?

Well, I'm still here. Today is my secretary's last day and the very special bow is once again tied on and ready to roll.


UPDATE: The going-away bow was noticed, oh yes it was. And it was consequently trashed, literally, by the VP. He wanted to "break the curse." Bye-bye going-away bow.


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