Friday, May 13, 2005

It's dizzying.

No rest for the weary:

After work Kev and I venture across town to more university-like parts for an end-of the-semester BBQ shindig with urban planning kids. Drinks (from a keg i hope), doggie playtime, school gossip, and given how these grads smoke, lots of ciggies. I hope other "planning wives" are there.

Jeanine comes in tonight at 7:30 PM, which entails leaving aforementioned BBQ and heading out to DIA. I'm going to make damn sure she has a frosty cocktail to enjoy on the ride back to our house.

Tomorrow afternoon Ann comes down from the Fort and it's girl's night out, baby.

That means not getting too swilly tonight if we really wanna get our groove on. And we all know how hard that is for me.

I have absolutely no restraint. Although I did accomplish most of my weekly goals. Let's hear it for running everyday and paying bills! Boo-hiss to packing lunch everyday and eating better, whatever that means.


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