Tuesday, May 17, 2005

Tuesday morning politics.

This is such crap.

You mean, Condi and Rumsfeld are actually concerned about our reputation abroad, and that--GASP--16 people died? Wow, that because some soldiers "desecrated" the Qu'ran (does this mean pooping on? just wondering.) this widespread reputation of tolerance condi's been cultivating so carefully and diligently is actually in jeopardy?

Ummmmm, war in iraq? How many Qu'ran's have been destroyed there? How many lives lost there? A reputation of tolerence? Isn't this current propaganda just so obvious? Shit, it certainly isn't newsweek's fault that people are dying and Qu'rans are being flushed and Americans are generally thought of as fat Islam-hating war mongers. Sheesh.

It actually feels good to get stirred up again. I thought that I was suffering from apathy due to post-election exhaustion. That, or just choosing to ignore the inevitable.


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