Thursday, July 28, 2005

For the love of God, do NOT go see this band.

Last night we went to hear the Hot Buttered Rum String Band.

I do not recommend ever going to see them.

They are way too good of musicians, they jam way too hard, and they are wayyyyyy too hot (in the good looking sense.....rahhrrr!).

No, please don't ever go hear them. If you do, you will see how they are the next big thing and then before you know it, they're the next String Cheese Incident, playing huge sold-out shows in big arenas to dirty hippies strung out on Molly dancing to their sell-out music.

(This coming from a girl who once thought Cheese was the Big Kahuna!)

So do us all a favor, don't go see the Hot Buttered Rum String Band.

Thank you. And Amen.


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