Friday, August 26, 2005

Sittin' on the porch!

This is momentuous, guys. I am sitting on my FRONT PORCH blogging! It's about damn time we brought some good Rosie soul to this blog...lord knows the front porch (NOT the bar I speak of so often)is the place where my soul feels free.

I'm excited for tomorrow. We're going to NedFest--a music festival that happens in Nederland, CO. I used to live up there.

A word or 2 about Nederland:

I miss it. I love living in Denver, I really do, and for so many reasons I will discuss later. But there really is no place like Nederland.

We actually lived 8 miles south of Nederland, in Rollinsville, which is along the Peak-to-Peak highway. It's at about 8,500 feet....mountainous and gorgeous. We had National Forest land right behind our house--that was Lucy's daily walk, as opposed to the city parks she now experiences. It was the kind of place you couldn't leave your trash or kitty cats outside because there was a strong possibility wild animals would get it. We had no yard to mow, no possibility of growing a garden--but it was spectacular.

(To be continued after NedFest when you'll get some good honest-to-god reflection on what it's really like.)

I didn't mean to sit down and start this--WINE--and now I must go hang out with my man!

YAY wireless!


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