Tuesday, August 23, 2005


This past weekend ended up being a 3-night bender, with a little work thrown in. (Does that make it a "blender"....not quite sure!)

Friday night, K and I hop the bus downtown, eat a nice dinner at Lime, and proceed to the place where all drunken debauchery goes down: The Front Porch. Several vodka tonics later, it's time to catch the bus home. K has to drag me away from the place as I've reached that point where conversation and laughing flows freely. We get to the bus stop, realize we have half an hour until the next bus, so kill the time with another cocktail at Willy G's, which is a steak joint I do not recommend. I befriend some drunks, who promise to call me with front row Rockies tickets. Yeah, right.

The next day I cook up a veggie omelette and grits, clean a little, and go with K to play 9 holes of golf. We get rained out at the last hole, so still in drinking-beer-and-playing games mode we head to the local bar for some pool. Shar and Alex join us and it turns into another night of vodka tonics and bingers.

Sunday is finishing my book in bed with coffee, then making caprese salad and mexican zucchini salad for the cook-out we're going to that night. I head into work, deal with my 300+ person event, which I single-handedly planned myself, and come home, ready to booze.....again. We ride over to Jenn and Yoni's BBQ where I proceed to drink up 3/4 of a 1.5 L bottle of Sauvignon Blanc and take shots of tequila while playing Hoopla.

As you can see, in retrospect, there's only one word to describe this past weekend:



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