Monday, August 08, 2005

They don't call it wilderness therapy for nothing.

Even though I was in this magical, wonderful, scenic place, I....ummm, how can I put this without you wanting to smack me over the head with a piece of wet spaghet? I couldn't stop thinking about work! I'm mortified to admit this, since it is sooooo not like rosalicious to take her work home (or any place other than Room 212 in the CSM Annex Building), but alas... it's true. I was thinking about direct mail plans and segments and events and speeches while I was hauling my ass up 12,000 feet above sea level.

What's come over me? After 2 hours of soaking in Cottonwood Hot Springs, a big delicious breakfast of eggs and green chile that I scarfed down like a pig (knowing I would soon burn it off), 3 miles of hiking straight uphill, and 250 mosquito bites, I finally--sort of--remembered why it was I came out here.

I still thought about "it", but remarkably less so once we finally got to Hartenstein Lake.

The trip was great; much needed, actually. Despite looming thoughts of the upcoming work week, we took a bunch of pretty pictures, found a fabulous campsite (no fire though--fire ban in effect!), explored around the lake, took cover from the storm in the tent, had ourselves a nap ("nap"....hee hee), ate spinach dal and brownies, drank Early Times Kentucky Bourbon, joked about bears, dug poop holes and used them, and eventually discovered we were the only people up there!

Granted, it took me longer than usual to relax, but in time my body pulled through for some good times on the old trail. I'm back in the swing of daily work life, itching my gazillion mosquito bites, but feeling AWESOME! Healthy! In shape! I love how a simple 2-day backpacking trip so quickly rubs away your rough edges, like water over rocks, and leaves you feeling so grungy and stinky, yet so clean.

To view the slide show of our trip, click on the picture below:

Backpacking. It does a body good.


At 9:54 AM, Anonymous MLP said...

I actually shed a tear over the pictures. I am so "woods"sick!!!!!! I sit here surrounded by black dust from car fumes and construction, and can't wait to move back!!!!

At 4:46 PM, Blogger Rosie said...

Soon enough, poopsie, soon enough.


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