Wednesday, August 10, 2005


I just did something so old-ladyish. I went out to the Mountain Man Fruit and Nut truck that comes by our office and bought 2 bags of overpriced snacks! Next thing you know, I'll be buying Mary Kay make-up and stocking up on frozen Schwan's chicken breasts (both salespeople also visit our office)! Please shoot me if you soon see me wearing sparkling white walking shoes with pantyhose and a suit during lunch!

In other lunch news, I ran into a girl I went to grad school with at Wild Oats today. Totally random. She went from a high-powered, money-making job at an educational consulting firm to managing a Starbucks. Hmmm. Is this what our English graduate degrees have come to??

I would also like to point out that I made the best fucking salad for lunch while at Wild Oats. Yummmm, it was so delish. They actually had free-range chicken on the salad bar! And hearts of palm!

Last night for dinner I made grilled baguette with garlic butter, pesto, and shredded asiago cheese. I also made an old family favorite which I so aptly renamed "Rosie's Bountiful Garden Salad." It's a simple salad my mom used to make a lot consisting of cucumbers, tomatoes, basil, basalmic vinegar, and olive oil. The best part? Everything except the vinegar and oil (obviously) was from my garden!

Alrighty then. Back to snacking on $8 almonds.


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