Monday, February 06, 2006

Excuses, excuses.

Real honest-to-god reasons not to go to the gym after work today:

- I'm having a terrific hair day
- I'm having wretched cramps
- I have a tree in the car that needs potting
- I'm starving and there's leftover chili in the fridge
- Running on the treadmill is SO BORING
- Lucy needs a walk
- College football players are dirty and stinky
- I ate really well today
- I don't have anything to read on the elliptical
- The music in there sucks
- Kevin is in class
- I have a bottle of wine
- I'm tired and don't feel like it

My, that was fun! Seems like I really made a strong case there, huh?

Well....forget about it, I'm going.
**Update: I went and I'm feeling good!

Wine and chili and the hometown date episode of The Bachelor = reward.


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