Friday, January 27, 2006

Morning at home.

I am sitting here watching the Today show, drinking coffee. It's 9:30 am, I have the morning off....which I deserve, seeing as we have to do a training tomorrow. I am even tossing around the idea of not going in at all. Oh, the things I could accomplish! I could finally clean out the fish tank! And pot some plants since it's nice outside. Take Lucy for a run! Kevin is finally back to work at the USFS and I have the house to myself! It would be so lovely to piddle around without him here.

(Oh jeez--is there really a segment on the Today show about how to pick the right tights? Give me a break. Don't get me wrong-I am loving patterned tights right now. Sassy!)

Do you ever look around your house and hate what you see? We live in a lovely old Victorian, but right now everything looks old and dirty. Our furniture is shit we've collected over the years, some of it even circa "the college years," a lot of it hand-me-downs.

We are planning to move the TV room into the main living room, mainly because the couch in there is new and the nicest piece of furniture we own. The TV room we envision becoming a nice reading/sitting room. We thought the main living room would be that, but we never use it.

Our big juicy Lovesac(TM)is also in the main living room, only because that's where it would fit. Have you ever settled into one of those to watch a movie? Ummmm, it's heavenly. All we need is a nice armoire to put the TV in...I hate an exposed TV. We've both agreed to go in on one, so that's solved.

The TV room needs a plusher rug to spread out on, and an overstuffed chair with a lamp behind it. Maybe a tall bookcase to fit all our books, instead of a few rogue small ones all over the house. Maybe a nice tall tree, a small table that I paint myself and install knobs from Anthropologie--just because I want an excuse to buy some of those cute knobs!

Oh, to dream...


In other news, I finally bought a scale. I can run, but I can't hide. Ha ha...literally! I decided to wait until this morning to hop on it. And? And I was pleasantly surprised!

(I weigh exactly 4 lbs. less than Kevin. Yeah, he's a little leprechaun.)

I have two things to work towards: the Bolder Boulder in May, and my trip to Key Biscayne, also in May. It's good to have goals, no?

Oh, and a pair of designer jeans. An insanely expensive pair. Just know, I would be able to fit in them. (I'm kind of kidding.)


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