Wednesday, January 11, 2006

Day Four of 30th Birthday Trip: Wherein Day Three was Lost to the Rum Lords

Friday January 6

It'll going by so fast! Boohoo! I broke my promise to myself and spent the day hungover. But it was hungover in worries, mon. No problem, mon.

Today was a lying-around day, which it would have been regardless. Last night I got drrrrrunk. Someone else's Mom (Stacy) had to put me to bed before I "went down," which is the term we've been using lately as we watch numerous people succumb to the strong-ass rum and go tumbling down on their arse. "Going down" is basically what you do here before actually getting to bed--oh yes, I've seen it. And oh yes, I almost did it.

So you see, I did not allow myself to have my first rum cocktail yesterday until 4 PM. And then I had rum and Diet Coke because the sugar in the rum punch was starting to make me feel ill.

We watched the gorgeous sunset here at Samsara, did I tell you they are a religious experience??

A couple got engaged right when it set. I was a little jealous, I must be honest with you, but Kevin told me "my time will come." I bet many of you thought we'd get engaged on this trip didn't you? Didn't you? Well, we won't be so stereotypical....

After the sunset, a reggae duo began playing at the bar and I began dancing.

Another woman, who I will call Nicole because for those of you who know my old friend Nicole you'll know what a lush she is....this woman was Nicole in 20 years, began dancing with me.

She was jerking all around and getting in the band's face and basically just bopping around like she had no sense. Drrrunk. Amanda and Stacy danced with me and Kevin too. The band sang Happy Birthday to me even though it was a day late...but I got my song. The drunker I became the more I wanted to sing with that band....Surprise! Surprise! (I never did.)

After a dinner that I barely remember eating, we played pool. I do not remember pool. I do not remember shooting at the red ball and forgetting all rules. I do not remember gyrating seductively with the pool stick. I do not remember Amanda falling on the floor laughing at me. I do not remember making us all hold hands in a circle and say a prayer to Jamaica. I do not remember Stacy helping me to our cottage and to bed.

OH LORD. I am embarrassed. I see they are. OK, they thought it was funny. Sigh of relief.

Aside from my shenanigans last night, drinking and lying around is not all we've been up to. We have been shopping.

That's what we did yesterday morning. We walked into Negril, got some Jamaican money at the bank, and spent it. It's funny how dealing in native money brings you that much closer to the culture! $60J is US $1. It makes no sense to have bills so high. $40 is like $2,500J--crazy. We went to a few shops, the grocery store, and the craft market. I bartered, of course, but didn't feel like I got great deals. Shit here is kind of pricey. After dealing with the pushy peeps and the hot sun, I was ready to collapse.

I am currently working up the courage to jump off the high cliff. I did the small one today. Kev is brave, of course, and just dives right off. We snorkeled today also, but my attempts were feeble as I was hungover with no strength to battle the water.

I am drinking a pina colada as I write this, sitting out on the veranda. If that's what this is.

The rum here is so strong! Did I say that already? We've almost been through 4 packs of cigs--can you believe it? I can't! We bought 2 thinking we wouldn't get through those. I am getting quite familiar with the CD selection here--they play CDs all day and night long....this bartender likes TLC's "Don't go chasing waterfalls....." and there are several other random choices that stray from reggae. ICK! Now it's Lionel Richie!

The Samsara is very fond of the thick black and white composition books--they write EVERYTHING computers. On the dinner sign-in sheet each day our name is written as "MacDermoth". It's so endearing.

I'm just about done reading The Kite Runner. It's excellent. I finished the latest O Magazine, the one with Big O in braids...I wonder how she likes Jamaica.

Jamaica has such character.

It's so charmingly ragged and piece-meal, but I wouldn't have it any other way. I wouldn't want it to be too clean. Wait, did I just say that??!?

This is as fabulous as fabulous gets. I don't want our fake honeymoon to end!

K just rolled up in his stylin' new roadside stand shades....$500J, baby! He's looking mighty IRIE!

What else can you do in Jamaica?!


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