Thursday, December 15, 2005

The Christmas Miracle Diet.

Good lord! I think a Christmas miracle has happened on my thighs!

7 El-Bees, y'all. SEVEN EL-BEES!


Just 3 more to go!

Truth be told, the 10 lb. weight loss goal is irrelevant at this point. Why stop at 10? I can lose MORE! I've got the taste for veggies and fruit and - especially - working out and it tastes good!

The number on the scale no longer matters (alrighty--who am I kidding?)'s that now I'm starting to feel awesome--my jeans fit well again, I feel healthy, and most of all- I have stuck to a goal. I am not good at sticking to goals.

(That in and of itself might just be the real miracle.)

Ohhhh....I'm not out of the weeds yet. I need to keep this lifestyle up. And it's not all that hard, really. If I can do it at this time of year....I can do it all year long. Mind you- it's not the sweets and all the food and drinking and partying. It's trying to find the time to fit in a workout. And by god--I've been doing it.

That's why I'm calling this The Christmas Miracle Diet.


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