Monday, December 12, 2005

Fa la la la la, la la la la.

I will be SO glad when Kevin is done with school for the semester. The stress-level and lack of sleep is permeating the entire household! The pets - recently, their morning behavior has been out of control. Lucy woofs to go out when she has just been out. Hendrix knocks shit off the dresser, as usual, but he has also recently discovered the annoying clanging noise that the metal drawer pulls make when he bats them with his paws...

I need a massage. My shoulders are so tense, they hurt. I feel slightly stressed and grumpy this morning--and I have a lot to do between now and when we leave for Cincinnati next week....finish Christmas cards, finish shopping, wrap presents, get an oil change, find someone to look after the cat, make peanut brittle, cook appetizers, use my Ann Taylor Loft gift certificate, get a bikini wax, pack....Plus, next week are meetings with my financial advisor, therapist, and dentist...not to mention the work holiday party. Lord, I can't wait for some vacay. Love me some vacay. And part of it will be spent in the tropics! FOR THE LOVE OF GOD rosalicious, don't rub it in!

The holiday snacks are starting to make an appearance back on the kitchen table here at work. I can easily pass on the cookies and candy...but there are gourmet nuts and a popcorn tin! I LOVE a popcorn tin! I think I might have to duct tape my mouth shut for the rest of the day. And might I add that a co-worker, jokester that he is, put a piece of gum back there and, seeing as how it would be a good diversion from inhaling caramel popcorn and smoked almonds, I popped it in my mouth....immediately spitting it out because it tasted as toxic as a shot of Pine Sol? Come to find out, the gum was over 2 years old!

The water pipe crisis didn't go down quite as dramatically as I may have indicated. Sure it was a wet stinky mess, but after all was said and done, we currently only have some holes in the ceiling that await patching. None of our stuff was ruined and the Christmas tree, fortunately, still stands in all its splendor.

Anyway.....that's about as much updating as I can muster, considering my tummy is screaming for its usual mid-day salad and soup-fest.

But before I forget, are you coming to our Holiday Party?

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