Friday, December 02, 2005

Got them out, thank god.

I cried last night, oh...around midnight or so. As soon as I did, I felt much better.

See, I was starting to get scared that my meds were making me numb to the act of crying. I'm not normally the weepy type, but it had been months since I shed a good round of tears.

Things are much better this morning, thanks for asking. Although at work it seems everyone is having some sort of crisis--dying cats, dying Moms, Moms in surgery, Cousins on their deathbeds, and of course the god-awful Cancer.

My lip is getting raw from biting it to hold back the tears when my co-workers tell me the latest. What is it about this time of year, anyway? It kind of seems like around the holidays is when families go awry.

Not much in store for the weekend--Kevin is swamped with school work and has no time for me. Last night he asked "what are you doing on Sunday?" and I perked up with glee, thinking he had made plans for us to do something couple-y like go cut down a live Christmas tree or take a hike to collect evergreens and pine cones for all my upcoming decorating adventures. Turns out, his group is working on their project at our place and he wanted to ask me, ever so politely, to SCRAM that day.

Oh well. I could go for a chick flick or somesuch girly activity. I'm done Christmas shopping! Well, at least for this pay period. I am so on it, man.

I have been feeling a little lonely lately, actually. I really miss girl action! HA! Seriously, it feels like it's been forever since I had girls' night out. Sushi, wine, gossip, some rogue ciggies....that's what I'm screamin'.

I am also silently wiggin' out about my passport arriving on time. Against the better judgment of the post office lady, I opted out of expedited service. That's $67 extra bucks! Now I think it might have been worth it. Post office lady, can I get a re-do?


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