Tuesday, November 22, 2005

Pepper panic, toe jam, and the need to tell more stories.

Poor Kev. Last night while making us a Mexican pie he had a bout with the jalepeno pepper. Boy, it got him something good. All around the mouth and in the schnozz. Do you think it's bitchy of me to say that that was nature's way of telling him he needed to slow down on the booger-picking? Ummm, yeah--I'm only kidding. Sort of. At least it wasn't in the weiner area this time....we've had some problems downtown before.

I wasn't in the mood, but I ran during lunch. And now I feel good. Good, because the feeling of going home after work and not worrying about running is just too too sweet. But man, my toe hurts. My knee does too, as I ate shit on some ice outside the library during lunch on Friday. I seem to fall a lot. I don't typically think of myself as a clumsy person....so let's blame it on the Dansko clogs, 'kay? Damn ankle twisters...

I am a little worried about all my recent drinking. And.....That's all you get about that. (I'm reading Oprah's newest promotion, "A Million Little Pieces." Reading it, OK, I see I am not so bad off.) Megan says I am just giving my tolerance a little boost for the holidays. Leave it to a fellow Capricorn to rationalize the guilt away! Is a bottle of wine all to my lonesome something to be worried about?


I'm practicing not caring what anyone thinks.

Moving on...I love finding a good blog. Here's one: Callalillie. She has cute cats. Why are all my favorite bloggers New Yorkers? Doesn't Denver have anyone who blogs?

You know, I need to think of a good story to tell you. This haphazard late afternoon blogging is for the mo'fo' BIRDS.

Remind me to tell you about Puffy Vagina.

P.S. What do y'all think of the new look? I think I might just like it! The colors might be a little too prissy, maybe a little too "country geese-ish", but all in all....not too bad. The colors are easy to change, should I decide on a new combo.


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