Thursday, November 17, 2005

No pain, no gain.

Because we are running the Turkey Trot next week, and because I am a very naughty girl with lots of cardiovascular repenting to do, I brought my running attire into work today so I might go for a little jog on my lunch hour.

But it's snowing! SNOWING! Who knew it was supposed to do that?

So instead, I trot my turkey butt over to the Golden Community Center and decide to attend a class called "Total Fitness."

Lord, that shit kicked my ass. I mean, truly.

I really thought I was in pretty decent shape--I can run 3-4 miles relatively easily, do a pretty rigorous Vinyasa practice--but this class completely made me feel like one schlumpy frumpy aerobic loser.

Obviously I need to step it up a little, no matter how hard it hurts. And damn, it hurt.

P.S. We used The Step. Seriously, I thought step class was so 80's. Although come to think of it, the instructor looked like she was pretty stuck there herself. Leotards? Sweatband? Scrunchie? I shouldn't be so catty--she looked a HELL of a lot better than I.


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