Thursday, November 03, 2005

The weirdest thing I've heard all week

is this:

Target checker: I try really hard to eat 6 slices of bread a day.

No, we weren't talking about nutrition. No, we weren't talking about food. As a matter of fact, we weren't even talking.

I think he must be "special."


Something else funny:

Megan and I all liquored up at 2 am last Friday night, needing MORE alcohol, as one always needs at that hour.

"Let's go to Cap City!"

"Yeah, great idea! Let's drive!"

(A minute later, while opening car door)

"No, I can't drive."

"I can!"


(A minute later we are drunk driving in Capitol Hill, just like that.)

And so in we walk to Cap City, bright-eyed and bushy-tailed, ready for our next cocktail.

In the bright silence that was a closed Cap City we looked like deer in headlights. Drunk deer in headlights.


This is the BIG weekend. Em and Crawford's reception!

Tomorrow we're off to Washington DC and Baltimore, to wear nice clothes and subsequently destroy nice clothes.

It's going to be all Charlie Daniels dancing, shot taking, cake eating, hotel staying, late night partying, Rosie grabbing the mike and singing, raging, 'n shit.

The day after, we go to the Smithsonian with family to culture the hangovers out of us.

Look for the complete recap on Tuesday!


Have a smashing weekend, peeps.


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