Monday, October 24, 2005

Birthday weekend breakdown.

30 came and went for the K-dog, so we ushered in 31 over the weekend with maturity, style, and grace.

Well, at least with style. Look at this birthday cutie:

Birthday Boy
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Kevin received the stylin' jeans in the photo from yours truly, as well as this Frommer's guide to the Yucatan peninsula. Note that he is drinking a Mexican beer! Gettin' in the spirit!
**UPDATE** Due to Hurricane Wilma, The Yucatan is now out of the question for a trip in January. Maybe the Dominican Republic?! I have to buy a new book!

Here's me:

Originally uploaded by Rosalicious.

My hair looks so short (it's not)!

OK-allow me to back up a little. The birthday boy's saturday morning was greeted with coffee and the paper in bed. I whipped up a tasty breakfast of veggie scramble, veggie sausage, and whole wheat toast. Although I had fantasies of serving Kevin a little breaky in bed, he is most definitely not the lying around in bed type.

We whittled away the afternoon at the Highland Dog Festival, the dog-owner geeks we are. Lucy got a pedicure and many treats, and we got margaritas and cactus tacos. Have you ever had a cactus taco? YUM! The Reals played, and were awesome, per usual.

Next, we went to dinner. Here we are, hungry for some latin-asian fusion!

we are hot!
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We went to Zengo, a hip new(ish) restaurant in Riverfront Park. You know, a place where the beautiful people go! Our waitress was a girl I recognized from blogging. I felt it would be a little too nerdy in such a chi-chi environs to broach the subject, so I let it be my own little secret.

This is what we drank: guava-strawberry-sake cocktail ($9!!!), beer, bottle of sake, 2 glasses of pinot grigio.

This is what we ate: ceviche, potstickers, won ton tacos, seared tuna salad, mahi-mahi. It was all so much yummier and fancier than I just described it. Forgive me.

This is what Kevin would not let me do: tell them it was his birthday. Seriously! You should have seen the free birthday delight (or I'm assuming it's free....maybe not) had a sparkler on it!

This is what we paid for the whole shebang: I'm not going to be so tacky. But it was really spendy.

After dinner, we went to a lovely couple's house for a par-tay, in Sunya's honor. Kevin was greatly outnumbered by the ladies, so he left early. But not without a few customary birthday irish-car bombs....because after all, we all know Kevin is a leprechaun in Forest Service clothing! I myself had too much red wine.

And that, my friends, is what birthdays should be made of.


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