Wednesday, October 12, 2005

Thoughts of 30: more and more.

God, I'm feeling so OLD.

Last night at the show, I could barely down 2 beers and thoughts of crisp cool sheets and our fluffy down comforter were more pervasive than thoughts of Jay Farrar's unique-sounding voice. We were out of there by 11:30.

I can't do it anymore, the going-out-during-the-week thing. It wrecks me the next day! Today is basically a wash because I'm so tired. I keep promising myself a healthy night's sleep tonight so I'll be super productive tomorrow.

I'm procrastinating. I don't know how I'll make it through the day. I can't wait until I get home, where I will watch a bad movie (one starring J-Lo, no less)on Netflix in PEACE because Kevin is in class and won't be around to offer running commentary on how cheesy the movie is. I am going to eat a frozen pizza with fresh spinach and have a hot soak and a glass of pinot noir.

I need to go for a run. Being tired makes me want to eat. I'm getting fat. I can't sit here any longer. I never seem to get enough sleep. I never pack my lunch anymore. I couldn't find my mascara this morning and ripped apart the bathroom in frustration. My house is a total mess.

How do people do it?

Last night at the show I felt so 30s. Everyone there was in their 30s. It was nice. I felt like we belonged with all those Subaru Outback-driving, Patagonia-wearing professional thirty-something Boulderites. Nary a dirty hippie CU frat scum among them. Nobody cared that we weren't drunk or just wanted to sit and chill and listen. Everyone there was doing the same damn thing! (In other words, no birthday snocker....but that's OK. And no ciggies for me either--I'm turning over a leaf I've turned over many times before.)

Speaking of 30s, today is Jessica Emmitt's 30th Birthday! As this guy in our office put it....29 was just fine but 30....thirty will be DIRTY. RRRRARRRHHH!

Hope you're having a great one, chica.


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