Sunday, October 09, 2005


I can't believe it.

Denver is supposed to get snow tonight. SNOW! And lots of it!

Today has been spent in Sunday fall coziness, and we're getting ready. For winter.

All the plants from the porch (Oh, the lush plant-filled front porch! How I will miss thee!) have found new homes indoors.

Kevin is downstairs wrestling with that heinous shrink plastic that covers your windows (Aesthetics?! With 30% rate hikes in gas this year who the fuck cares about aesthetics? OK, I do. A little.)

I just took a steamy hot bath with a glass of wine.

I'm craving Mikey's creamy pasta with bread and butter and hot soup and a carafe of ruby-colored Chianti.

The Broncos game is humming in the background.

I'm also craving Chili, with minced onions and sour cream and melted cheese.

I'm nestled in my Mongolian slippers, compliments of Sunya.

I'm wearing Crest Whitestrips and a patch on my Plantar's wart.

Hendrix is giving Lucy a bath on the floor.

It's time for pumpkins, corduroy, wool socks.

Funny how it comes, and so fast.


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