Tuesday, September 27, 2005

Tahoe living.

The wedding was a blast....a whirlwind, but a blast.

Rosalicious had too many extra-dirty martinis, Sunya wore "vagina shoes", we had a ping-pong/pool table combo in our house with 15 people and one dog named Rufus.

The rehearsal dinner BBQ was windy as shit. Everyone drank a lot of wine and the vegetarians were farting all night from all the beans.

At the ceremony, the chilly and sunny outdoor ceremony, Mark read an awesome poem he wrote, some old dude sang a bristling version of Ave Maria, Sacco was the officiant. Hes forgot his lines. Kim just smiled. We all smiled.

Look at how beautiful Kim is! She is so pretty and yet so down-to-earth, the sweetest person.

Hes, unfortunately, gets railed on by his friends ALL THE TIME (and believe me, I've heard the stories), but I know deep down everyone loves him to pieces.

Much bourbon was consumed, a few Irish Car Bombs were chugged, a ton of pistachios were eaten, and Rosalicious made a match. They kissed at the reception, and I was happy.

Look for us next month in Tahoe Living.

Click on the picture of Kim and Matt above to see the rest of the pictures from the wedding.
(Our camera died way too early.)


At 10:54 AM, Anonymous Sunya said...

People were farting big time from the beans at the BBQ!!! haha.
Hysterical, Rosie. Just funny. Love the picture of Kev and Mark in his fashion faux-pas blazer. Kevin, yet again, looks full of sass.
It was great to see you there! kisses to you and Kev.


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