Monday, September 19, 2005

Girl time.

How often is one booked up on a Wednesday night with TWO women-only cocktail parties?

Not so often, my friend, not so often. But this week I am. And I plan on making an appearance at both....hello Wednesday night wine buzz!

The first is a Body Shop At Home know, like a Mary Kay party. Remember those? My mom and her friends used to have them and get snockered on White Russians while getting their faces painted up like clowns. Once I was allowed to join in with my friend Kara. We were like, 13 years old. The Mary Kay lady made us look like a couple of teen-aged hookers.

But this will be different as it is a foot-spa themed party. And I totally will buy something....I heart the Body Shop.

The second is a wine and appetizer party at my friend Jenn's....and come to find out, it's a get-together for her BIRTHDAY, which I didn't know until I got the evite! This will be my second and final stop, seeing as Jenn lives right on down the hill. (note: must get a little something for the birthday girl!)

Chant it with me now- no boys! No boys! There sure has been a lot of girl partying going on lately.....vaginas in the hiz-ouse!! Woop-woop!

P.S. Wednesday is coincidentally the day I get my festive! It's also the autumn equinox. That must mean something.


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