Friday, September 16, 2005

No one ever said we weren't crafty!

Dude, if you are EVER feeling gloomy and down in the doldrums, may I highly recommend that you come back to this picture:

pin the penis on the man
Originally uploaded by Rosalicious.

I just adore the hot pink day-glo balls. Nice touch. And in case you're wondering, the name "Skip II" pays homage to a real live nude man we hired for Sara's bachelorette party. I'm sure he would have loved it if we had pinned something on him in that region!

Next photo:

Penis Pinata
Originally uploaded by Rosalicious.

I spent a week crafting this pinata! Does it look like a weiner to you? Not so sure. But now I've done it--I've made my one and only homemade penis pinata, especially for Em! It was filled with all kinds of naughty treats. Unfortunately, I wacked it so hard that the nuts came flying off the shaft, but since the goods were still sealed in the unbroken shaft, nothing came out! I seem to recall Megan stomping the shaft open as it lay on the ground. Then it was a free-for-all for penis whistles and pacifiers and condoms and penis candy!

That's it for now. I would imagine that more bachelorette pics will come trickling in....there is one Juan picture--ahem, Emion--I'm just waiting to post!


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