Tuesday, August 30, 2005

Smatterings, in list form.

Listening to:

Kathleen Edwards: Back to Me
Uncle Earl: She Waits for Night
Railroad Earth: The Good Life


Netflix Queue: Most recently Real Women Have Curves and Pieces of April


Daily breakfast yogurt--today's flavor is PEACH
Cherry Tomatoes, grown by yours truly
Leftover Pad Thai (for lunch!)


Hot Passion Tazo herbal tea


Why the trash that is thrown out on our sidewalk is always JUNK and FAST FOOD. You'll never see an organic granola bar wrapper or a banana peel in the yard.

Why it's so damn cold in here.....brrrrrrr!

Whether or not my drunken ironing burn on my arm is going to chill out, literally.

If Jen is going to have her baby today - nephew James, you're late!

If I am going to get a stripper for Em's bachelorette party.

If Megan ever got her keys to her new digs and ripped her landlord a new one for not having the joint clean last night.

That I need to call my mom, and Sarah Brill.

That next week I am going to be someone's boss.


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