Thursday, September 01, 2005

Tears for the 4-legged.

I'm feeling very sad.

Sad for the people of New Orleans, of course. Sad because had this hurricane hit a predominantly white, upper-class area, help would be there immediately. Instead, the predominantly black residents in the New Orleans Superdome are miserable. That's not even the word for it, it's absolutely unthinkable how much suffering is going on there right now. There are dead, rotting people there! Panic and frenzy! This is America! My god!

(At this point I will spare you my diatribe about conspiracy theories of the government erradicating lower classes and races...but you've gotta think that maybe somewhere in the back of someone in our government's head--especially in the South-- there's a bit of joy in seeing all those black folk suffering.....disgusting. And by the way, poverty is the cause for all the looting and mayhem, not color of skin!)

But you know what else has got me misting over as I write this?

The animals. All the scared, sad, lost animals. Dogs, kitties, birds, hamsters, people's pets no one has rescued. Cattle, horses, chickens, farm animals.

It's heart wrenching.

Then again, I've admittedly got more of a soft spot for my furry friends than for people. I always have.

Animals are so sweet, so innocent.

Sniff, sniff.


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