Tuesday, October 11, 2005

Early celebrating.

While Kev does not turn the big 31 until next week, we're starting early on the birthday throwin' down.

Get this: I was this close to buying us tickets to see Son Volt tonight in Boulder as one of Kevin's birthday gifts. For some reason I hemmed and hawed and twiddled my lovely thumbs and finally decided it wasn't happening. Not that we don't absolutely LOVE Jay Farrar, it's just that it's a weeknight and everything. You know how that goes....

BUT. The lucky little rosalicious that I am WON tickets to the show yesterday.

So we're going! For free! And I'm pretty happy.

Kevin's pretty happy too- he's getting his birthday snocker on.

Me? I am going to be the good DD. Especially considering one of the last times we were in Boulder for a show I got pulled over for a DUI. (But didn't get one....I was wasted, but refused a breathalizer and instead passed the roadside test with flying colors. I don't recommend this choice unless you are really really good at your balancing act.)


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