Monday, October 31, 2005

What did you dress up as today?

Last year, for my 29th birthday, we had a "What Not to Wear" party. The fabulousness of this concept was that you didn't really have to "BE" just had to show up in something, well, something that you normally wouldn't wear. Something funky, something tacky, something freakish, something hick, something office-ish, something that your 85 year old grandma would wear.

Now, as we all know, today is Halloween. After much self-induced costume anxiety over the weekend, this is what I came up with:

Fallen Angel?
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I am a goth bat chick. I am a sexy bat. I am a fallen angel. I am a studious bat angel. I am a hot bat chick. I am a dark angel with a lace problem. And my very favorite: I am a batty intellect who is fallen because I asked too many questions.

What do you think I am?

Gothic Bat Girl?
Originally uploaded by Rosalicious.

I don't like the titles that Halloween obliges you to create. I am hereby proclaiming today my own little "What Not to Wear" day. No characters, no explanations, no WHAT ARE YOU questions.

Just straight-up dress-up.

And I've always wanted to wear black eyeliner to work.


At 2:55 PM, Anonymous Jodi Taylor said...

It's like Cruella de Ville except with a black lab coat instead of Dalmation.
Halloween shouldn't be an obligatory, high pressure day. I look at it as an opportunity to be freaky instead of doing the same old thing. I dressed up as "Joe" a creepy looking dude.


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