Wednesday, November 09, 2005

25 things I remember and don't remember about Em and Crawford's reception.

1. Me, seeing Emily and Chris smoking cigarettes in front of the Harbor Court Hotel before the reception and admiring how cool it was that they got to see each other and not worry about the tradition of hiding the bride from the groom.

2. Me, telling Kevin I wanted him to take a picture of my favorite yoga move and then busting out a pose that is not my favorite one at all!

3. Sheila's husband, saying to Megan "nice boobs" and her saying "thanks!" all nonchalantly while tossing her hair back.

4. Me, puking on the bar in our room because I thought there was a sink there.

5. Watching bad ass street break dancers on the harbor mall.

6. Me, in the fancy-schmancy Harbor Court lobby at 8 am the morning after, croaking at the concierge that I needed a vending machine. She, glancing disapprovingly at my rumpled hungover self, informing me that there are no vending machines in the Harbor Court.

7. Me, purchasing 2 croissants, some gatorade and a fruit punch in the coffee shop instead. I bought the croissants only because I was using my credit card and didn't want to charge less than $5.

8. Emion, declaring "Who actually buys fruit punch!?"

9. Jamie Finch, (and I still call her that just 'cause I like the name Finch) saying she felt like a country girl in her outfit.

10. Tucker, who saw 2 alligators humping at the aquarium, says the gators were "pushin' each other." He's 3.

11. Emion, Sara, and Megan pouncing on me and Kevin in the bed. Not budging.

12. Danny, telling his Dad he wants a shirley temple to drink in the bar. So cute.

13. Rob, dancing like a mad man in the window of the ballroom, then getting down and telling everyone his heart is racing. Rob = the quintessential 40+ year old dad. Although funny thing is- he's not even 30 yet.

14. Me, demanding in the mike that everyone needs to come dance NOW. From eloquent emcee to beotch emcee.

15. Me, spilling the beans about the ex's wedding invite scandal. Either excuses or mortification were abound- not sure which.

16. Me, charging drinks in the bar to the room.

17. Shots. Big ones.

18. KB. Chronic. Yeah, you know. That was pretty much the end of me.

19. Me, telling Em's grandma Roweena that I am sometimes called that as a nickname.

20. Me, introducing Kevin to people from the past.

21. Em and Crawford, looking lovely.

22. Wine and whiskey.

23. Me, being smart enough to leave my purse in the room.

24. Me, still losing something- the gift from Jane, Em's Mom.

25. You, looking at pictures from the weekend HERE!


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