Wednesday, November 30, 2005

Ho Hum it's Hump Day.

This morning I found out one of my work friends has breast cancer. CANCER! What an ugly word, what a horrible situation. People get breast cancer all the time (not to make it sound like the flu or know what I mean), but it never affects you until someone you know has it. Then you're like WOW. Wow because of the uncertainty and wow because the person doesn't look or act sick and you just can't believe there is something evil and deadly growing inside.

I will actually see her go through it. My grandfather died of lung cancer, but he lived far away....I see my work friend every single day. Makes me feel really sad and scared. Regardless, I still feel pretty positive for her. Breast cancer treatment has come a long way...we have Susan Komen to thank for that.

Fingers crossed and prayers will be said.


Day 3 of Mission to Feel Good in a Bikini by Jamaica almost over. Not too shabby guys, not too shabby. Calories are being counted, glasses of wine tallied (2 so far this week), and mid-afternoon snacks shunned. I even refrained from my favorite organic blue corn tortilla chips and fresh Blue Moose salsa last night while Kevin munched away happily. That, my peeps, is an ACCOMPLISHMENT.

I am still motivated, even though it's super cold and windy and total snuggle weather. After work I am going to the School Gym, what with all the athletes and skinny sorority chicks and whathaveyous. It might be all sweaty and dirty and loud but hey, it's free.

Besides, I do love me some elliptical and US Weekly.


Have any of you ever been to Kohl's? Well, today was my first visit. That place is CHEAP! I got a bunch of Christmas presents knocked out. Got my bro a CSU hoodie for $12!! They're like $60 at the bookstore! I was pretty proud of myself for making decisions somewhat effortlessly and moving swiftly through the racks and racks of goods without so much as a tummy rumble (I've often said shopping gives me diarrhea). Although the woman pawing through the jewelry alongside me obviously was suffering from a case of the Christmas shopping pooties....WWOOO-WHEEE!

'Tis the season!


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