Thursday, December 01, 2005

I hope this isn't starting to turn into a dieting blog.

There's all this shit I want to write about but can't because people will get mad at me or people will hardcore judge me.

Hey Therapist! Next Monday, it's you and me Chica!

I so wish I could vent in this venue, but unfortunately I cannot.


Diet Update

This is one area where I KNOW I am being judged, but completely don't give a shit.

Last night I lived up to my promise and worked out at the School Gym. It wasn't so bad! I think it's going to comprise at least 2 days of my working out, if not more! I ran for 45 minutes and did abs for 10. The weights area was too full of yo-buddies to get in a proper lifting.

Today I went in for the ass-kicking Total Body Fitness class, only to find that it had been cancelled. Instead I did the elliptical for 40 minutes and then lifted weights for 20. I am such a weakling! There were all these women in the gym who looked like total climbers and bikers....bad-ass outdoorsy women with serious muscleage. I so need a personal trainer.

I weighed myself and was shocked. And in denial. But for good reason--the scale at the gym was 10 lbs. over what the scale at my last doctor visit said 2 weeks ago. I find that much gain impossible. I mean, I truly look the same, feel the same, can wear the same clothes. So, if you can believe that I DON'T own a scale, believe that I'm stopping by Target on the way home to buy one so I can accurately track all this hard work.

And if you think I am telling you what I weigh, you're crazy, sister. OK- according to the scale at Kaiser Permanente, I weigh 135. Happy?

135, sister, and that's all there is to it.


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