Wednesday, December 07, 2005

Motivation, don't leave me now.

Dude, look how cold it was this morning on my way to work:

-2 degrees
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BRRRRR. When I got up this morning to let Lucy out (it was still dark), I do believe it was 7 below. That kind of cold just smacks you. All I see now are dollar signs as our furnace steadily, steadily hums...

The Diet is still going well. I broke a few rules over the weekend and since I am here to keep you honestly and fully up-to-date on The Diet, allow me to divulge how I was naughty:

- Had order of fries (but only ate half--really!)
- Had more than 7 glasses of wine
- Ate after 7 PM
- Had half and half in coffee
- Drank less than 2 Nalgenes of H20.

Ok, in writing all that down, I see that's not so good. But I haven't had seconds! I exercised 5 times last week! I haven't eaten chips and salsa! I've been keeping portions small! No snacks! Lots of veggies and protein! I have lost 3 lbs!


It's so hard to stay motivated in this cold. I don't want cold veggies and fruit and cottage cheese (although that's precisely what I had for breakfast). I want meat and soup and bread and melted cheese and pizza and tacos and eggs and pasta....AHHHH!

But I am going to keep at it. Keep sending me those skinny vibes!

JAMAICA, I need you now more than ever.

P.S. We're having a Holiday Party on December 17th, won't you join us?


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