Monday, December 05, 2005

Blow wind blow...

...blow away these troubled times....take away my sorrows....bring me back some peace of mind.

The wind right now is INSANE. I have never seen, felt, heard wind in Colorado like this. It's hard to walk, hard to drive, hard to escape rogue projectiles.....sheesh. BRUTAL!

The weekend turned out to be quite delightful. Friday night was kept low-key. We watched an awful movie--Prozac Nation. I loved the book but the movie, quite frankly, sucked ass. Big poopy stinky ass.

Saturday we put up our Christmas tree. It was a snowy, cozy kind of day and I piddled around the house in a Christmasy mood- I even wrapped up all my gifts to send home, all while drinking a bloody mary--natch.

Saturday night I got my girls' night out! With sushi and martinis and shots and being bad girls! I thought I was doing so well--maybe a 6 on the drunk scale--but at the end of the night where do we end up but the Front Porch?! I swear, I have no restraint. By the time I got home I was 2 mm away from being a 10. I'm getting too old for this crap (but can I do it for just a little while longer?).

Yesterday I had lunch at Rock Bottom Brewery and then went to see the national touring production of The Phantom of the Opera. I do love a musical. Although I was pretty hung, I was still mesmerized. Amazing. Why don't I make it a point to go to the theater more often?

I had a nightmare last night that I was trying to rescue 2 children and some bad guy tossed poison on me from a plastic easter egg, but I was resistant to it and could escape. Troubling!

Well, I'm off to bare my soul. Wish me luck.


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