Thursday, December 08, 2005


As I was typing a pretty little post about going back to school for web design and how I just got my ass kicked once again by my fitness class, Kevin just called to frantically tell me that...

A pipe just busted in our house and there is water EVEYWHERE!!!! He didn't call the landlord, he called ME. And to further exacerbate the problem, he's late for class in which he has to present his final project.


Excuse my language, but this is bad. All our shit is we have renter's insurance...NO!...and we don't have any running water with which to bathe or drink.

And it's cold. Damn this effing cold!

I don't want to live in a moldy old wet house. Can we move, please?


At 1:42 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

my honda gave me the finger this morning as i tried to start her. but there were no problems on 25 going North. Complaining no. a pipe burst in my girlfriend's house. But she took care of it like a champ.
Fuck - you are full of good words!!


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