Tuesday, December 13, 2005

I seriously need to get a grip.

After reading the latest issue of Real Simple last night, with its holiday warm fuzzies and stories of feel-good non-commercialism, I now feel like a total grinchy, stressy, overspendy, stereotypical Christmas manic.....or, something.

But! But! I know I don't NEED to do everything I listed 2 entries below, I WANT to! Admittedly--I also feel like I HAVE to, however--HAVE to as in no one's making me do anything but my own overachieving type A personality. Something gets written on my list and I'll be DAMNED if it goes without getting crossed off.

I'm in my element with all this scheduling and planning and buzz of activity. You should see my calendar....I just penciled in all my workout times around the other stuff. I have no free lunch hours, no free evenings until.....well, the 23rd when we get to Cincy.

P.S. I just dropped $73.50 to get my passport by next Wednesday. It's a load off both my mind and my wallet. Yikes.


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