Monday, January 09, 2006

Day One of 30th Birthday Trip: Yeahmon!

While in Jamaica, I "blogged" on paper.

So, I bring to you the following, in exact form as I scrawled (usually drunkenly) on paper (though I did add in punctuation here for the sake of being a perfectionist, I must admit):

Tuesday January 3rd

I turn 30 tomorrow....woohoo! Last day being a twenty-something. We made it to Negril, yes we did. Here we are. Trip went smoothly...the airport is total chaos. Organized chaos. These people drive like friggin' MANIACS, on the left hand side no less. The ride here was extremely fast and bumpy and we drove right along the ocean the whole way, while mountains rose above us. It's very warm, very humid. You forget about the humidity after the dry of CO.

Bob Marley songs keep popping in my head. We drove through shanty towns to get here. I am blown away by the number of shacks here. They all sell beer. Someone could erect a cardboard box alongside the road and still sell Red Stripe out of it.

It's just like you would imagine. The poverty is somewhat charming. People just hanging out, everywhere.

It's so green here. Negril is beachy, though we're staying on the "West End," which has the cliffs--we're right on the cliffs but you can still climb down into the water--or jump. The West End feels more local and cultural. Lots of dives, shacks, shacks, and more shacks.

Our resort--the Samsara--is nice and rustic. Feels "boutiquey." Not at all like a Hilton or what have you.

We're in a little cabin room, which is modest, to say the least. Almost feels like camping. I don't think we'll spend much time in here. We have a porch and a bed and a shower and toilet--all we need.

The bar is just right on out in the open in the middle of it all.

Like a gathering place--it's where we get all our liquids. The beer on tap is yucky and Red Stripe in bottles is extra. Bummer. Also a bummer--bottled water is extra. So is wine. Although I need a break from vino. What do I do for our first meal but request white wine? Some habits never die. The RUM menu, however, is quite extensive. And FREE. And is so strong! I am in Jamaica, I need to solely consume rum. Rum punch is delicious. I'm gonna try them all!! My blood will turn to rum!

Straight-laced folk would feel uncomfortable here. The driver offered us ganja--we will buy some, not from him. I can smell it everywhere. Everyone in our hotel is young--that's a good sign. It's all loud and partying-like! People at the bar were dancing and this one guy from Minnesota kept saying "Yeahmon" over and over. I think the girl from American Pie is here, I swear. (ed note: Natasha Lyonne) She looks just like her.

Dinner was a little "country buffet," but OK. Potatoes, rice, grilled veggies, cold salad. Fried chicken--not jerk. Didn't eat any fried chix. The waitress had a nervous giggle and kept saying "alright" in her cute accent whenever we thanked her. So sweet. So far the staff seems so soft-spoken and gentle.

My tummy is fat and I am whitey-white. Here, I look so white. Other than that....I need more paper. More tomorrow, the BIG DAY!!

(Pictures will come soon, there are TONS to upload.)


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