Friday, December 16, 2005


It's been a productive week.

Exhibit A:

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Yep, I'm pretty old school with the handwritten planner and all...but you can bet your bottom dollar that every inch of chicken scratch on that planner has been attended, done, fulfilled, cancelled, paid, acknowledged, etcetera, etcetera.

Tonight we're having Kevin's school people over for a pre-party before we all go bowling. I LOVE bowling. The bad music, the shoes, the cheap beer, the local-yocals...all of it.

Unfortunately, we're still contending with this nonsense:

Water pipe crisis
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I mean, could someone please come fix this up already? Rosalicious no like no holy ceilings (although God might). I seriously wouldn't want some rogue piece of plaster to knock one of Kevin's Urban Planning buddies upside the head. And I especially don't want these peeps thinking we're living in SQUALOR!

Oh well, at least there is a pretty tree to gaze upon:

Christmas Tree
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And let's not forget that tomorrow night is the night we all thrown down (or up) in the name of Christmas Cheer! I hope you're coming!

Lastly, this afternoon I have discovered the absolute HILARITY of this site!! I know it's been around for awhile now and I'm certainly not scooping anyone....but can I just say it's one of the funnier things I have read/seen in a long long time!

With that...I hope your weekend is going to be as good as mine!


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