Thursday, December 22, 2005

Over the river and through the woods.

I had a little Christmas meltdown last night. That's all you really need to know.....though I will say that I had had too much to drink. Yesterday afternoon was the work holiday lunch, which inevitably was followed by happy hour drinks at a bar. I was already hungover by midnight. (Oh, and I fell down in the bar! I seem to have a little problem with drinking and staying on my feet!).

I didn't get any packing done, much to Kevin's annoyance (among other things). I got up this morning and did it. Rough. I feel sleepy right now, oh so sleepy.

Christmas is almost here and I am so glad. I won't be able to relax until we are safe and sound in Cincy. Actually I don't think I will truly relax until we're lying in the Caribbean sunshine sipping rum! I do think it's going to be a nice Christmas....I will just be able to go with the flow--it's not my family, after all! Am I sad about that? No, not really. I know Kev's fam will treat me like one of their own.

Ahead of us lies the god-almighty 18-hour drive. Just enough time to ponder all the wishes and reflections of the year past and the year ahead!!

I know I'll post over the holidays....ummm, maybe not. I'll try.

Regardless, I hope everyone has a smashing (not smashed!) dashing Holiday, whatever your Holiday of choice may be.


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