Sunday, January 01, 2006

Pitstop on the way to paradise.

We're back!

Well, almost.

We're currently taking a brief 2-day "rest" in Colorado after.....
  • 26 hours on the road, 2800 miles on the odometer
  • one Christmas party with all Kevin's friends from home (Kevin's friend Chris is dating this girl. She was there.)
  • one Christmas Eve spent at Granny's house eating mostaciollis
  • one Christmas Morning spent at Patrick and Jen's house eating breakfast casserole and opening a pile 3 feet deep of gifts
  • one Christmas Afternoon spent at Grandma Mac's listening to Maker's Mark-induced stories about shooting dogs and electrocuting parakeets (Kevin's other side of the fam!), not to mention the white trash delight that is Heavenly Hash (that many marshmallows in one dish should be a crime!)
  • one Christmas Night dinner at Aunt Jan's with all foods fattening
  • one diet gone awry....ugghh.
  • one soggy day-after-Christmas hike
  • one road trip down to Louisville to spend the night with Sarah
  • one BIGGGG pussy cat
  • one sushi dinner
  • one day of feeling ick like I was getting a cold (got over it)
  • one night drinking wine with Tony and Dinkey in their backyard
  • one movie on DVD (War of the Worlds, it sucked)
  • one movie in the theater (The Family Stone, OK)
  • one trip to the Gap Clearance Center (5 pairs of pants for less than $50!!)
  • one delicious Thai meal with Jeff and Anne (they're preggers!)
  • one last dinner with the family
  • three naps
  • four babies
  • five dogs
  • twenty relatives
  • and the pictures to show you all of it.

Next up: Paradise!


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