Tuesday, January 10, 2006

Day Two of 30th Birthday Trip: The Big 3-0 is Finally Here!

Wednesday January 4th

Today I am 30! 30! I feel like a spring chicken. A spring jerk chicken! I'm in Jamaica...it's wonderful!!! So chill. No need to rage. It doesn't even feel like my birthday....no birthdayish trappings....no cake, no songs, no balloons. Being here is wayyyy more than enough. It's the bestest birthday I ever had. I am going to do this every year. I deserve it after a lifetime of after-Xmas birthday jippage.

This morning we ate some breaky real quick then took the shuttle bus to Legends on the beach.

The beach is so tiny! We were all crowded just 2 chairs deep and so back to back. But it's the beach, what can I say. The people watching on the beach is great--I don't mind the vendors. We have a security guard who keeps them from pestering too hardcore. They sell everything....fruits, cigs, coco bread, big sprigs of aloe....one Rastamon gave us both palm frond woven rings....

They're our "promise rings." Sweet, huh!?

Some guys came along and jazzed things up with some sweet reggae harmony.....

I sipped pina coladas and rum punch all morning, all afternoon. We ate lunch, I forget what it was but it was tasty.

There are Germans everywhere! There are drunk people everywhere! This white trash mom went balistic on a ciggie vendor on the beach, then lost her kid. Didn't seem too concerned about it. Poor kid. Mom is a drunk. I might be a drunk here too but I wouldn't yell at my kids on vacay and then lose them.

We finally scored some herbage from our hotel security guard. Partook by the pool....man, strong! We are in Jamaica now, buddy! IRIE!!

The sugar in these drinks is killing me. The food has gotten better.

After returning from the beach we ummmmm....ya know, then went to the infamous Rick's Cafe.

I did it, I went and got taken by a Jamaican--(ha ha it rhymes!). $10 for a cab ride we could have walked. I know better now! Not again! I am seasoned and tough!

Rick's is where the dudes climb the trees and dive many many feet into the water....

I can't believe I thought I'd jump there. No way. Too many people watching....the joint was totally packed but a reggae band played and that's always good...the food was way overpriced. We paid $7 for 4 little jerk chicken strips. What a rip! So we went back to where the eatin's free....Samsara!

We met a girl tonight named Amanda and her Mom Stacy from MN. They're very neat. Makes me want to take a trip with my Mom! I love this place! It's got tons of young people so you feel like you can both PARTY and REST.

Kevin is watching football and I'm stuffed with rum not caring cause it's my birthday and I'm on vacation!!!!!!!! I've worked for this my whole life!


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