Wednesday, January 18, 2006

Gettin' busy with Form 1040A.

So I just did my taxes. And I am getting a REFUND! A sizeable refund! Bigger than ever, thanks to some deductions I'm finally getting off my ass and taking.

I am already plotting and planning how I'm going to spend the extra dough:

New coffee table. Ipod. Car windshield. Pottery class. Acupuncture. Vacation fund. New clothes. Outdoor gear. New coffee maker. Shoes. Purebred puppy. Day at the spa. Goodness, the possibilities...they're endless!

(So much wanting. So much consumption. So much materialism.)

Ah, well. Let's not dwell on that. The sad, sad reality is that my refund will barely, but surely, pay off my credit card. How responsible of me, I know.

BUT! If I were to splurge on one thing, one new thing for being such a good little girl and doing my taxes promptly, what would I splurge on?

(I can always put it on the newly paid-off credit card.)


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