Tuesday, January 17, 2006

Consider yourself updated.

This past weekend was totally fun and totally needed...in more ways than one.

Friday night we went out to dinner at Mead Street with Shar and Alex. Wine was consumed, Jamaican souvenirs were handed out, and stories of our tropical vacation livened up the table. After dinner, they came by our place to check out our trip pics. In perfect Jamaican tradition, we sucked down strong rum and cokes.....some of us, through a weiner straw.

Saturday was....TAHDAH....cleaning day! I awoke to Kevin scrubbing the kitchen. Granted, it was because Lucy's paw had bled all over the floor, but still. Kevin cleaning! We got the house in order, then I went and got my hair done at the beauty parlor. Yeah, my hair joint is hardly what you'd call a beauty parlor. I always leave my salon feeling like I want to run right out and buy a new wardrobe! Those stylist girls are so damn, well, stylish! $140 and 3 hours later, I was all blown out, coiffed, and highlighted.

I then ran home, chowed down a spinach quesadilla, and hit REI for their sale. Purchased: a super sporty-cute bag-purse and a wool sweater--which, come to find out, was dual-toned once I got it home and out of the bag. Ummmm, OK. I like it anyway.

Decked in my new hair and new sweater, and K in his vintage Elway jersey, we hit Breckenridge Brewery to watch the Broncos playoff game. Broncos fans Shar and Alex, both sporting Broncos
gear as well, joined us. May I point out that you will never, ever catch me in sports wear? Yuck!We got there late, however, and got a shitty seat with no view of the TV. Me, being the big football fan that I am (HA!) could have been content swigging down avalanche ales where we were, but no, not when you're with these football-crazed people... a view of the TV is essential.

So we went somewhere else. Many somewhere elses. All of them packed. After 3 laps around LoDo, getting hungrier and crankier by the moment, we eventually land back in our hood at the 'Rita Room. Go figure. Lesson learned: if you're running late, don't try to go to a sports bar, especially one downtown. Go Mexican. Or Chinese. The laundromat...anywhere there is a TV works smashingly.

The Broncos won. It was actually pretty exciting. Maybe it was those 2 kamikazes and 3 margaritas....but yeah, grumpy old non-sports me....I cheered. Spirit fingers! After the big win we went back to Shar and Alex's and made some CRAZY group pictures on their new Mac. (They'll be up here shortly. Just you wait.)

Sunday, oh the day the Lord hath made. I felt ick, yuck, dehydrated, congested. I laid in a chaise lounge in the back yard and got some sun! In gauchos and a T-shirt! I made phone calls, I drank Blue Mountain coffee, I pet my pretty puppy and kitty. We went shopping after the sun-catching so I could spend a gift card I got for Christmas. I got one of those "Life is Good" T-shirts....just because....well, it is.

We stopped in the new Whole Foods at BelMar...holy shit! That place is overwhelming! Talk about sensory overload. I couldn't concentrate but lord, I sure could spend. I felt a little twinge of sadness passing by the flower section. I gave up my floral position at Whole Foods to come work in an office environment, for those of you wondering. Whole Foods was totally a fun place to work.....it's just that my degree needed using. I still hold WF close to my heart. And my wallet.

Sunday night was spent watching the Sopranos on DVD and reading the Sunday Post. Oh yeah--and eating chips and mango salsa, dungeness crab soup, bread, pesto, and goat cheese. All from WF. YUM!

Monday, a holiday! What a treat to sleep in until 11! I couldn't honestly tell you how the morning was spent....oh yes, that's right: breakfast sandwiches on leftover WF bread and the last episode of the Sopranos. Some piddling around, some sewing of some pants, some trashing of non-necessities. The usual.

We went to a matinee of Brokeback Mountain. Oh was it good! The scenery....y'all, I get to see places like that all the time! Heath Ledger was great. I normally don't find him much to look at, but as a gay cowboy--yum. Jake, well, no wonder he wasn't at the Golden Globes....not so good. However, the fact that the Mayan Theater serves beer and wine now....good!

Dinner was collard greens, tofu, steamed carrots, and couscous. (I'm back in the game of eating healthy.)

Golden Globes, book, bed.

Here I am:

Back to work, back to work, jiggedy jig.... I am off to yoga to not look like a fat pig....


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