Friday, January 13, 2006

Back to the grind.

Hi, it's me Rosie. I'm in real time now, back in Denver. Dealing. With. Crap. Does the friend bullshit ever stop? I am 30 feeling like I'm 18. I thought that by the time I reached this age I'd be surrounded by only those awesome people who didn't get weeded out through the pettiness and insecurities of my twenties. Obviously not.....still more weeds to pull, I guess.'s been hard getting back into the swing of things, but I've done it: already this week I've been to the dentist, been to yoga, worked out, been out to dinner twice, lunch twice, and washed my car. I've been to the post office, been to the bank, uploaded all my pictures, drank a bottle of wine, gone out to play pool.

The birthday stuff keeps rolling on in too! Woohoo for the entering of a new decade!

Where's my green all-inclusive bracelet when I need it? I wish 3834 Lowell Boulevard would magically turn into free prepared meals and strong rum punch. I'd get fresh towels everyday, a tautly made bed, little neatly wrapped soaps.

Ahhhh well. It's 3 pm, 65 degrees, and we get out of work early.

The weekend is looking up.


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