Thursday, January 12, 2006

Day Five of 30th Birthday Trip: Jamaican me sick.

January 7, 2006

Sad and happy. I puked all morning. Now I have diarrhea...ick! Never thought this would happen to me. No one else is sick. It's soooo not fair. I woke up at 4 am with sour rum punch just sitting heavy in my stomach, next thing you know I am wretching. Up and down, up and down for the next 6 hours. I finally took a dramamine, snoozed a little and was then able to drink some Ting (Jamaican grapefruit soda--it's delicious!) and eat some dry cereal.

Not wanting to waste the last day, I forced on my bikini around noon. Luckily today is super windy and the waves are making life at Samsara difficult. They're crashing all over the sun decks and into the bar and pool, it's not pleasant. So we walked the 2 miles to the beach, only to find out that the waves there had made the beach disappear. We laid by the pool, but I was bummed-- I needed to rest my weary soul on a beach. I sipped bottled watter while Kev drank beer.

I should have been more careful. But everyone else was drinking and eating time, I will monitor more carefully. It's so hard when you're on vacation to be militant about your meals.

I hope this bug is just moving through. This is not fun, I feel so crappy. No rum for me tonight. What a waste! No drinks for this chica today--boooo...that's like $50 down the tubes! And we were good last night too...went out to dinner, only drank very moderately and sat on the beach at night. Went night-night early.

Well, despite this unfortunate final outcome, the trip has been wonderful and rejuvenating. Although my liver and lungs didn't get much of a vacation, my mind did.

Next time: more beach, take excursions--zip line, rafting, hike etc, European meal plan so we can eat out more, be more diligent about bottled water, set aside airport money beforehand, take cards, go with another couple, bring pepto, more cash, more cigs, and a small purse to take out.

Jamaica, you were very good to us. We'll remember your 5% rastafarian population, rum, crazy drivers, and jerk smell fondly.



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