Friday, January 20, 2006

Corporate eventing, and some more birthday too.

It's Friday and I feel like doing NADA. I came in late this morning, oh around 11. My Associate Director is out today too. What a coinkeydink! It's just that kind of a day, I suppose. (I doubt she was out drinking last night like I was, though.)

Last night I went to a wine tasting event with Jen. It was held at this awesome glass gallery in Cherry Creek.....Pismos. They had these huge Dale Chihuly pieces dangling from the ceiling. Seeing as everything in the gallery was glass, maybe it wasn't the smartest place to be serving up wine. Fret not though, the crowd there was quite tame. Pretty boys....young entrepreneurs.....corporate whores.....the see-and-be-seen Cherry Creek crowd, that's who was there. Good thing I wore my work clothes instead of my usual after-work attire! (Funny: one of the gallery girls complimented my sweater and I asked where I got it. When I replied "Old Navy" she was in shock and said she had sworn I had gotten it at Anthropologie. Go me and my sales shopping! The sweater was a mere $9.99!)

So I networked a little (the event was being held by an investment firm trying to drum up new business), fell in love with a good Zinfandel, saw some amazing art, and was glad I was wearing sensible shoes. All in all, a successful evening.

Oh, one more thing: over after-wine tasting martinis, it was decided that I am going to be Jen's final project. She's in nutritional therapy school and is going to analyze my eating habits and counsel me. My needs? Lose weight, obviously. But also....control my gas. Kevin will be very happy about this, I'm sure. I think that, with the amount of gaseous energy emanating from my tushy, something in my digestive system must be amiss.

Tonight we're going out for Thai and to see New Monsoon and Hot Buttered Rum String Band--again, for my birthday! I'm telling you, this is the month-long ushering in of a new decade! Jen gave me a fabulous necklace last night. This has been the best 30th birthday ever!


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