Thursday, May 19, 2005

I think I might need a Xanax.

This weather's making me maniacal.

See, when it gets warm out and stays light until 8 PM my domestic goddess goes bonkers. There's too much to do, and too much time to do it in. Too many seeds to plant, weeds to pull, yard to mow, gardens to water, porches to sweep, cookouts to plan, patio furniture to search for and buy, car to wash, litterbox to scrub, errands to run.

And that's just outside stuff. Lest we forget, laundry, cleaning, organizing, purging, rearranging, ironing (i am a geek but there is something infinitely satifying about ironing),scrubbing, recycling, shaking, washing, dusting, sewing, decorating.

I want to GO GO GO, and drink drink drink and EAT. oh yeah...ummmm. EAT. And this warm weather tempts my evil cigarette smoking temptress because there are outdoor patios to be sat upon and margaritas to be sipped and happy hours to be taken advantage of and restaurants to try. There are concerts to see and camping trips to go on and hikes to take and puppy play dates and tennis and disc golf and real golf with canned tecate and bikes to get tuned. Festivals and farmer's markets and fairs, oh my.

I can't keep up with myself.


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