Monday, June 06, 2005

Monday, monday.

I've got the Monday blues.....oh so baaaa--AD--AD. Mama come and get me they're the worst I've ever had.

Those are lyrics that my Mom used to sing. I believe she wrote them. I believe she must have been feeling just like me today when she did so.

Let me tell you exactly how I feel:
I am in a MAJOR FUNK! Lord strike me down and cheer me up!

A)I feel like Ms. Dumpy-Dumpster Pants. That's exactly where these slacks need to go. None of my work clothes fit properly (lost weight, oh yes, I did!) and what little money I do have to refurbish my wardrobe must go towards fun play clothes and cute flip-flops and stuff I could never wear here to work. Unless one's idea of fun clothes is something stiff and pressed, something akin to what a banker or say, a defense lawyer, might wear.

And that's not my idea of fun.

So I continue to come to work looking like Rosa-frumpster-licious, struggling every morning to put on something that exudes power, success, and confidence. Really, I must look like I raided the racks at the Ann Taylor Factory Outlet, 'cause that's precisely what I did.

B)Exercise has totally been thrown on the back burner for cocktails and yard work and sleeping late and Kevin-time. Tomorrow morning I hop out of bed gleefully and don my running clothes and sport a huge grin while stretching and run around the lake at breakneck speed and come home to a healthful smoothie and maybe some morning nookie. Then I go about having a most productive day at work. Which leads me to....

C)God, I am so unproductive and unmotivated. At work anyway. At home I've been all lawn-mowing and weed-pulling and laundry-doing and meal-cooking. At work I just stare at my computer, procrastinating.

D)I have a headache. And gas. (Although, in my case, that's not so much a rarity.)

Well, if anyone has any suggestions for improving my week, or maybe a size 8 in some nicenewcrisp black slacks, give 'em up.

P.S. I had a great weekend, and next week we're going to Telluride!!


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