Monday, May 23, 2005

If I write it down I might feel better.

Some things on my mind:
  • I have been given the choice to either go to the Director's lunch, or not. I really just want to go get a smoothie and be by myself. But, I am afraid of not looking like a team-player. Does and will anyone really care?
  • I can't make up my mind about my bangs--grow them out? Or, is my forehead just too GIGANTIC and ugly and needs some bang action to hide behind?
  • Was I just entirely too candid with our interviewee?
  • I didn't get up and run this morning. I don't know if we're running the Bolder Boulder and I can't seem to make the commitment on my own.
  • I really gotta go do a #2.
  • Kevin gets to be outside all day, bastard.
  • My complexion is causing me great distress, particularly in the chin region.
  • My fingertips feel weird, like all dry and cracked and yuckywonkas. I think it's from all the gardening and cleaning I did over the weekend.
  • When am I going to debut this blog? When will it ever be "good enough?"


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