Friday, May 27, 2005

I love a three-day weekend.

Nothing like a disappointing lack of over-sight in the day you get PAID to put a damper on the Memorial Day weekend. Rosalicious, rosalicious... tisk tisk.

Good thing I didn't write that big electricphonerent check.

I now have a mere $2.40 to have a good time with until next Tuesday.

But as Donna Summer (or Diana Ross, or whatever sassy soul sister belts out that tune) says, I will survive.

Tonight I imagine we will catch up on our Netflix. The Life Aquatic and Kinsey await us. Tomorrow morning Megan and I are driving up to Nederland for a scrumptious breakfast, followed by an equally scrumptious hike. Sunday is a cookout at our neighborly friends' place, after which is a Memorial Day Monday that will not involve running the Bolder Boulder.

Welcome to summertime fun, folks.


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