Tuesday, July 05, 2005

Happy Birthday Ludy-Doodle.

Yesterday, our little girl turned 2.

Lucy's B-day
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We made sure she had a very special day.

We took her on a hike, a hike that included water. So she could swim, her favorite activity.

All day long we showered the birthday girl with kisses and hugs and pets. We didn't make her get on the leash unless she had to. She got to hang her head out the window FAR more than her Mom likes. She got spoiled. Daddy even said she could roll in all the poop she wanted, just because it was her special day!

After the hike, we took her to Petsmart so she could pick out her birthday present. She chose a minty-flavored bone and a bag of Greenies. Mom was really happy about all the dental-fresh-breath products!

Then to top it all off, she got FIREWORKS! Fireworks for being the best puppy in the whole wide world!

We love you little stinky poops!


At 10:58 AM, Anonymous Meg's said...

We should all be so lucky! Isn't it funny how we practice parenting on our loving little animals (who of course deserve every bit!)? You and Kevin seem to have it down pretty well, ha, ha...


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